Captain 4-Pack, Hootchie Flasher Combos!

Captain 4-Pack, Hootchie Flasher Combos!

Captain's 4-Pack, Hootchie Mama Flasher HOT Combos!

Top producers from Customer Field Testing!  We like to run these in tournament situations, Big Kings seem to hit these baits!  Rotating flashers work together creating a schooling effect, calling in Hungry King Salmon from the depths.  As they come in for a closer look, the UV Glow Hoochies trigger an irresistible strike!  Handy Plano Box included!


Highest Quality, SilverHorde GoldStar Octopus Squid Baits, Pre-Rigged (2) 4/0 LazerSharp Octopus Hooks, 50# BigGame Leaders, UV Glow Skirts, Glow Beads.  Option, add brined fillet strips to your baits, creating Sushi Fly!


Bechhold & Son Superglow 8" Flashers - Original "Hootchie Mama"

MoonJelly Tape both sides!

US Patent #6,493,984 B1, Proudly MADE in USA!