Captain 4-Pack, Hoochie Flasher Combos!

Captain 4-Pack, Hoochie Flasher Combos!

Captain's 4-Pack, Hoochie Flasher HOT Combos!

Top producers from Customer Field Testing!  We like to run these in tournament situations, Big Kings seem to hit these baits!  Rotating flashers work together creating a schooling effect, calling in Hungry King Salmon from the depths.  As they come in for a closer look, the UV Glow Hoochies trigger an irresistible strike!  Handy Plano Box included!


Highest Quality, SilverHorde GoldStar Octopus Squid Baits, Pre-Rigged (2) 4/0 LazerSharp Octopus Hooks, 50# BigGame Leaders, UV Glow Skirts, Glow Beads.  Option, add brined fillet strips to your baits, creating Sushi Fly!


Bechhold & Son Superglow 8" Flashers - Original "Hootchie Mama"

US Patent #6,493,984 B1, Proudly MADE in USA!